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Memorizes 40 Ahadith

The Prophet Muhammad, Sallahu Alayhi wassalam, said "Who ever memorizes and preserves for my people forty hadith relating to their religion, Allah will resurrect him on the Day of Judgment in the company of jurists and religious scholars."

As each one hadith of this collection is unique and full of meaning, one can gain an essential understanding and clear guidelines of Islam by studying these Ahadith. By learning and implementing these Ahadith in your daily life, you will inshaAllah come across with an understanding of the beauty of Islamic beliefs, ethics, and morals as you will taste the spiritual and practical advice of the Prophet Muhammd, Sallahu Alayhi Wasallam, and strengthen your Eeman.

The Ahadith provide guidance on strengthening your relationship with Allah and improving your interaction with fellow human beings. These lessons may be applied to your worship, work, studies, marriage, and family and community life in the short-term. And in the long-term, our Beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, left us with these words so that we could prepare ourselves for the appointed meeting with Allah.

  • Lesson 1.  Author & Hadith’s introduction
  • Lesson 2: Intention & Sincerity
  • Lesson 3: Religion, Eeman, Ihsan, ( Hadith-e-Jibreel A.S)
  • Lesson 4: Pillars of Islam
  • Lesson 5: Destiny
  • Lesson 6: Creation of man & Innovation
  • Lesson 7:  Hilal & Haram Sustenance
  • Lesson 8: Importance of Eeman , Salah and Zakah.
  • Lesson 9: Living for other
  • Lesson 10: Character
  • Lesson 11: Advices for Ummah
  • Lesoon12: The way to heaven
  • Lesson 13: Hadith Qudsi
  • Lesson 14: Reward for Donors
  • Lesson 15: Righteousness & Sin
  • Lesson 16: Danger of tongue
  • Lesson 17: How to get Allah’s love
  • Lesson 18: Weakest Eeman.
  • Lesson 19: Harms of backbiting and Envy
  • Lesson 20: Virtue for covering other’s Defects
  • Lesson 21: Helping Others
  • Lesson 22: Allah’s special Forgiveness for  this Ummah
  • Lesson 23: Life style
  • Lesson 24: Four signs of The Hypocrite
  • Lesson 25: Trust in Allah
  • Lesson 26: Preparation for the hereafter
  • Lesson 27: Supplication


There are no required prerequisites as the course has something for everyone wishing to gain insight into the countless beauties of the religion of Islam.

Days/Week Class Duration Fee ($) Fee (£)
2 Days 30 min $150 £90